Monday, October 16, 2017

Teach Me About The Temple 2

The more I read about this song the more I LOVE it!!
I found an article in the Meridian Magazine that Sister Christofferson wrote about the inspiration to write this song. You can read it HERE

Here is my lesson plan for teaching this beautiful song.
The picture above is only the first page.
Click HERE to download the whole plan including pictures.

We are also doing a block building activity to practice it several times. The directions are in the lesson plan. But basically, we will build a tower with large Lego blocks as we sing. When we see great singers they will be given a block. They will reverently come forward and add their block to the tower. We'll keep singing until the tower is built or falls down. For Senior, I'll use Jenga blocks instead of Legos.
Product DetailsProduct Details
I have another post about this song. There is also a flip chart on that post. 
If you'd like to read or download the chart click HERE

I hope this is helpful.

Happy Singing!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Teach Me About the Temple

I live in Lehi, Utah and 21 years ago this month the Mount Timpanogos Temple was dedicated. It was a monumental event in our family's lives. I was a young mother with 4 children and we were all involved with the Open House and Dedication. 
My husband did ushering and parking. I took a shift playing the organ in a tent while visitors filed through displays explaining the temple. My daughter and I got to usher in the celestial room and my Primary kids got to sing on risers as the visitors entered the temple grounds. 
I was the Primary President at the time and they asked the Primaries in different wards to prepare several songs and come for about 15-20 minutes and sing outside the temple for the open house.
The whole building of a new temple was an exciting, memorable, and sacred experience for our family.
For the new temple a new Primary song appeared in a special Commemorative Edition of the local newspaper. 
It was by Sister Lynne Perry Christofferson. She had written it for the Lehi North Stake Conference the fall before the dedication to help the children prepare for the temple open house and dedication. We taught it to our Primary children and it quickly became their favorite for many, many years.
I am elated to see it finally in 'The Friend' this month!! There is even a Sing-Along video!

Click HERE for the link.

I've made a flip chart for those of us that like to use them.
Click HERE to download flip chart.

I am so EXCITED to teach this beautiful song again!
Now that a new temple has been announced in Saratoga Springs, Utah, I'm grateful my grandchildren will get to experience the special spirit that comes with an open house and dedication.
 THANK YOU Sister Christofferson for composing such a wonderful song for the children!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Program Review

We are in full Program Review mode. Our PP is October 15th and my JR needs lots of practice. I want the review to be fun but not too distracting. I also get to take up ALL the sharing and singing time this week. I had a great idea come to me in the middle of the night (that's when I get most of my inspiration lol) I'm calling it 'The Super Singer Game'. 
You play it like 'The QUIET Game'.
Click HERE to download my directions.

I will also be using Balloon Bugs for a fun way to choose and pass off each song.
I thought I had shared this before but I couldn't find it. So here it is... maybe again!
Click HERE to download the BUGS!

I hope this can be of help to someone.

Happy Singing!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Choose the Right Simplified

As a piano teacher, I like my students to learn to play the Primary songs and Hymns. I love that the Church has their 'I Can Play It' series but sometimes these are still too hard. My students have learned to chord and I've looked all over for some of the hymns with just the melody and chords but they are hard to find. So I arranged some of my own. 
With the Primary program coming up, I thought I'd share the hymn for the year.
Here is 'Choose the Right'.
This uses the I, IV, & V7 chords for the key of C. 
There are 2 versions: 
Just melody with chords
Click HERE to download Melody.

 Or harmony with chords
Click HERE to download with Harmony

My students love these versions until they are skilled enough to play from the hymn book.

I hope this is helpful.

Happy chording!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

School Supply Song Pick

School starts next week for our ward so I wanted to do something with a school theme but still continue to practice the program songs. 
I came up with a school supply song pick and the game 'Red Rover' (it has been on the LDS Chorister FB page and several blogs before).

Here's my plan: (very easy and low prep)
Click HERE to download the plan and pictures.

Happy Singing!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm Trying to be Like Jesus

Beautiful song, Primary classic!
The Senior kiddos know it pretty well except for the 2nd verse but the Junior kids stumble with so many words.
I used the 2017 Sharing Time Outline idea to teach it. You can check it out HERE. But my Junior needs more work. They got a little bored so I wanted to make it a little more engaging this week.
I'm going to springboard off an idea I read on the LDS Chorister's Facebook page and of course I can't find it again to give credit to the original person. 
But THANKS whomever you are!
It's a spin on Hot & Cold. She called it 'Gathering'. You make about 50 little cards (like stars, flowers, or CTR shields, etc). You place them around the room. While everyone sings, one child goes around gathering the cards (one at a time) and brings them up to the front.

So last night as I'm trying to fall asleep, I get my much needed inspiration.
I'm calling it 'SCATTER & GATHER'.
I made cards for the things that the Savior taught. I will scatter them around the room and a child will gather them as we sing. 
Here's my plan with a few rules to keep things orderly.
Click HERE to download the cards and directions.

I hope this will help us learn the song better but most importantly bring the spirit and learn how to be like Jesus.

Happy Gathering!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pioneer Day Singing

Pioneer Day is coming up.
I know some choristers go all out for this day from making butter to dressing-up. And I know some of you don't do anything at all because of various good reasons. 
This year I needed something very simple. (I'm tending 6 grandchildren for 5 days and a little overwhelmed!)
I'm doing a simple song pick with pictures.

Click HERE to download my pictures.

I love the song 'Pioneer Children' and have a word flip chart that I use.
Click HERE to download flip chart.

Last year I made cards for 'Fun To Do' with a Pioneer theme. 
You can check that out and download them HERE.

Also, last year I taught the song 'When I Hear of Pioneer Children'. You can check out that post HERE.

I hope everyone has a Happy Pioneer Day
 and keep singing as you walk and walk and walk and walk...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Want to Live the Gospel

Our pick for the month of July is 'I Want to Live the Gospel'. I LOVE this song. It goes so well with the monthly theme of  'I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principle.'
(We haven't decided yet if we will sing 'The Wise Man and the Foolish Man' in the program. Everyone knows it and I thought it had a great message so we did it last week. You can see my lesson plan and ideas I collected HERE.)

 Anyhow, here is my lesson plan for teaching this great song.

Click HERE to download my plan and rainbow cards.

An interesting fact I learned about this song. Sister Naomi Randall wrote the words. If she sounds familiar it's because she also wrote 'I Am a Child of God'. A quote from her about this song:

"It is my hope that the children will make a personal commitment to live the principles of the gospel more today than they did yesterday and that they may experience the joy and happiness that comes from living the gospel."

LOVE that. It's something I'll have to tell my kiddos!
Happy Singing!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

I know some choristers are NOT singing this song for the program and some are. But regardless, it is a great, fun, popular song with a wonderful message. You all know I'm all about NOT re-inventing the wheel so here is what I've found from other bloggers for teaching this song. I've thrown in my lesson plan too.
Nalani over on 'In the Leafy Treetops the Birds Sing Good Morning has fantastic helps to teach this song. I used most of them in my lesson plan.

Click HERE to link to her blog. 

She took the pictures of the Wise and Foolish Man from THE FRIEND magazine and made them into 3 sizes for us to copy as well as colored or black/white. 
Click HERE to link to the pictures. 

Here is my lesson plan (most of the ideas are from Nalani). 
THANKS Nalani for such wonderful ideas and saving me tons of time!!

Click HERE to download the lesson plan. 

I got the label idea from 'Teaching LDS Children's blog HERE.
I made my own labels and action cards to tape to my blocks. You can download those too.

Click HERE for labels and cards.

Some other great ideas you might want to try:

Camille has a fun idea using paper houses HERE.

Sugardoodle has some great ideas with a 3rd verse as well as using actual rocks and sand HERE.

Terri Hutchings has written a great arrangement for the song with a more reverent option HERE. You can download the sheet music as well as view a video.

I hope this helps having all the resource together in one place.

Happy Singing!

Monday, June 26, 2017

4th of July

Happy Fourth of JULY!
It seems I always have a sub for this holiday. So here are few of my go-to plans.
This is a fun and easy matching game. Just assign a song (I am reviewing program songs) to each matching picture. For my SR, I like to have them tell me facts about the picture. Example: How many red stripes on the flag, white stripes, how many stars, who made the first flag? etc. They really like showing me how smart they are!

Click HERE to download the matching.

Here is a post I did last year. It was a big HIT! It is very easy, low prep and great for a sub.

Click HERE for this activity.

The easiest one of all is 'PASS the FLAG'.
Image result for US flag stick
Buy a small flag on a stick. Pick a song to practice. Start passing the flag as you are singing. Have the pianist stop suddenly. Whomever is holding the flag tells something they love about our country or a freedom they enjoy.

I LOVE the song 'My Flag'. It's a great one to teach or just sing on the Sunday before Independence Day.

Here is the flip chart I use to help everyone remember the words.
Click HERE for the flip chart.

Camille has some cute ideas over on her blog for the 4th of July. She does poppers or glow sticks.
Click HERE to go to her blog. also has some cute ideas. You can check those out HERE

Whatever you choose to do GOOD LUCK and Happy 4th of July!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Nephi's Courage

I've been trying to figure out how to teach this great song. My SR knows it well so I will just be reviewing it but most of my JR don't know it at all.
There are sooooo many cute ideas out there for teaching this song. I don't like to 're-invent the wheel' but I do like to put my own spin on it. Here are a few I have added to:

The OCD Primary Chorister made a cute flip chart with pictures that she drew. You can link to it HERE.  I decided to use this with my SR to review but I re-did it and just put one 'key word' with each picture.
There are NO pictures for the chorus.
Click HERE to download a copy.

Camille over on her blog had a darling idea of teaching the first two verses of the song with puppets.
You can check out her post HERE

There weren't puppets for the chorus and Camille does the 3rd verse a different way so I made some puppets for them.
Susan Fitch has some really cute puppets on her Etsy Shop. You can check them out HERE.
I used her puppets but on the church's website there are some there too.
Here's how mine turn out.
When the kids know the verse pretty well I'm going to pull out the 'STAGE'. 

I use a shower or curtain rod with a long curtain attached. I have 2 teachers hold the rod. The kids stand behind the curtain and hold the puppets up over the rod as we sing.
Click HERE to download the puppets I added. 

Happy Singing!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Feel My Savior's Love

My song pick for the program for April is "I Feel My Savior's Love". I've been searching the web for a way to teach it to my JR kids. Over on the FB LDS Primary Choristers page, Katie Gibbons had a cute idea. So I made it on my computer and added one more phrase. 

I'm only teaching the 1st verse and chorus, so this is only for that.

Click HERE to download a copy of the pictures.

Happy Singing!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

More Than Enough

I am so in love with this song! Mother's Day has never been a favorite of mine simply because I never thought I was doing enough. But Shawna Edwards has captured my exact feelings in her new Mother's Day song called 'More Than Enough'. You can buy it HERE from her website. You can get just the sheet music or a bundle with an MP3 recording. 
There is also a darling YouTube video sung by the One Voice Children's Choir.
Showing the video would be a great way to introduce it.
I've decided to teach this to my Primary kids to sing in Sacrament meeting on Mother's Day.
On Shawna Edwards blog she gives a suggestion on how to teach the chorus to Primary children. HERE
One suggestion she makes is having the YM and YW sing some of the verses with the Primary joining in on the chorus.
I contacted my YW President and our girls are singing all three verses with the Primary on the chorus. I'm excited to introduce it this Sunday. I thought I'd do the lesson plan by Sis. Edwards by singing the chorus and having the kids listen for several things mothers often do for their children. I made some picture cards with key words they can put in order and sing from. It will work well for both JR and SR.
Click HERE to download a copy of the picture/word cards.
This is ONLY for the chorus. There are a few word changes in the chorus on verses 2 & 3 so I made cards for them also in blue and there is a special phrase at the ending.

Happy Singing!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Finger Lights

I LOVE these little things!
 I used to put these in my birthday bags for my first graders.
My grandkids love using them when we're camping around the campfire.
And now they are a BIG hit in Primary.

I've seen several ideas on the LDS Choristers Facebook page. So I thought I'd put all the ideas together on one pages so I won't forget them. Plus, I made some shape cards you can download if you'd like.
Click HERE to download the ideas and shape cards.

Click HERE for a direct link to to buy.

Happy Singing!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Choose The Right 2

While preparing to teach Choose The Right I decided to put the key words on a picture. I thought this would help my JR kiddos better. So I guess it's like a flip chart but it's only key words. And it's only the 1st verse because that's all we are teaching.
Here's a few of the pictures.

Click HERE to download the pictures.

Happy Singing!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Choose The Right

I'm excited to teach this great hymn. I'm the Sacrament Meeting Chorister too and I love it when the Primary kids know another one of the hymns so they can sing along.

I've decided to use Camille's cute idea to teach it from her blog Camille's Primary Ideas. You can find it HERE.
I'm also making CTR shields for my JR kiddos to hold up every time we sing 'Choose the Right'. I found them HERE from a cute blog called 'In the Leafy Treetops'.

After my kids have learned the song, I want to do Hand bells to practice. I'd also like to do them for the program. This song is very easy for bells. You can do it even if you only have the 8 bell set. Just play high B for the low B.
I want to do it with my JR and they haven't done bells before. I made 4 different versions of charts- one is all chords for the SR and this one we will use for the program, one is melody on every 1st and 3rd beat, one is just bells on 'Choose the Right' (this one I'll start with the JR), and one is harmony just on 'Choose the Right' (I'm hoping JR will be able to do this one too).

This picture is only part of the charts just to give you an idea what they look like. I wanted to make the charts easier to make and print so I made the charts on 8 1/2 x 11 cards and you can tape them together or just put them up separately. My charts are for the 'Kids Play' brand of bells.

Click HERE to download the bells charts.

Happy Ringing!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snowball Singing 2

About a year ago I posted 'Snowball Singing'. It's a fun way to choose songs and fun ways to sing each song.
I love to save myself some time prepping. So I'm going to use it again. But change it a bit.
We are still learning 'As a Child of God'. My JR is very slow learning it. So we need something for them to sing it over and over but in a fun way. So I'm going to use a variation of Snowball Singing.
I know my JR kiddos will LOVE this, SR probably will too..

Click HERE to download the file.

Happy Snowball Singing!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

When I Hear the Prophet's Voice

While trying to decide what song to choose for April's choice, I came across this beautiful song. 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice' by Matthew Neeley. It's from The Friend (Sept 2009) and you can find it HERE. There is even a video of children sing HERE.

As I pondered what to choose for April, I noticed in the outline guide that the song choice should be from the Children's Songbook. So I knew I couldn't use 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice'. But the words to the song kept coming to my mind and I knew I had to use this song somehow.

Then I looked at the theme's and March is all about living prophets. The song for the month is 'Stand For the Right', which my kiddos know forwards and backwards. But I don't like to eliminated any of the songs that are in the program. And then it hit me. I'll do them both as a medley.

Soooo I put the two songs together and will be teaching it in March.
We start with 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice'. I wrote a key modulation that connects to 'Stand For the Right' and then we go back to the last line from the first song to end.

I made a flip chart for those that use them.
Click HERE to download flip chart for 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice'

I also have a flip chart for 'Stand For the Right' key words only in a previous post. HERE

If you'd like my medley of both songs, click HERE.

And if you're wondering what I chose for April--- we are going with 'I Feel My Savior's Love'.
Happy Singing!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

As a Child of God

I'm excited to start teaching this song. I've searched LOTS of sites trying to decide how best to teach it. And let me just say there are some awesome ideas out there.
Here are a few that I have found:
Sharla Dance's blog Teaching Primary Music

Plus lots of ideas on the LDS Chorister Facebook page.
And the LDS Choristers blog has a great flip chart.

(just click on the title and you will be linked over to the site)

And if you want to teach ASL here is a great YouTube video. She simplifies and explains each sign.
I'm still deciding which song to do ASL with this year.

I love when so many share their ideas and talents. It makes this calling much easier.

I decided to go with Sharla Dance's melody maps. LOVE this idea. I haven't tried a melody map with my kiddos yet so I thought I'd take the plunge. She has a file you can copy and enlarge at a copy center but I decided to make my own. (Since it was snowing and I didn't want to venture out in the cold).
I also want to make sure the kids know the meaning of this beautiful song. I like to ask questions and see if they know the answers. Here are the questions I'm asking with scripture references for my SR kiddos. It's my little contribution.

If you'd like a copy of my questions click HERE.

Happy Singing!