Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's the Word

I need a sub for Sunday and it's the holiday (4th of July). I decided to do an oldie but goodie and very easy for me and the sub.
I call it 'What's the Word'. This is the patriotic version.
 I made some fancy letters that spell out the word AMERICA for the JR. and LIBERTY for SR. I put the songs I want them to practice on the back. I got a decorative gift bag and put the letters in it. The kids will take turns picking a letter and singing the song. Then when all the letters have been chosen, they will try to guess what word the letters make. 

Click HERE to download the Patriotic version.
There are 4 different words to choose from: America, Liberty, Freedom, Patriot

I've not only used this for singing time but also to introduce a lesson or sharing time theme with other words by putting scriptures or quotes on the back of the letters. It's even engaging for adults.

Click HERE to download the regular version.
There are 5 words in this version: temple, prayer, prophet, faith, baptism.

Happy Singing!

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  1. THank you SO much for sharing this! I have a sub this week and this will be perfect to have him do!