Friday, September 1, 2017

Choose the Right Simplified

As a piano teacher, I like my students to learn to play the Primary songs and Hymns. I love that the Church has their 'I Can Play It' series but sometimes these are still too hard. My students have learned to chord and I've looked all over for some of the hymns with just the melody and chords but they are hard to find. So I arranged some of my own. 
With the Primary program coming up, I thought I'd share the hymn for the year.
Here is 'Choose the Right'.
This uses the I, IV, & V7 chords for the key of C. 
There are 2 versions: 
Just melody with chords
Click HERE to download Melody.

 Or harmony with chords
Click HERE to download with Harmony

My students love these versions until they are skilled enough to play from the hymn book.

I hope this is helpful.

Happy chording!

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