Monday, June 26, 2017

4th of July

Happy Fourth of JULY!
It seems I always have a sub for this holiday. So here are few of my go-to plans.
This is a fun and easy matching game. Just assign a song (I am reviewing program songs) to each matching picture. For my SR, I like to have them tell me facts about the picture. Example: How many red stripes on the flag, white stripes, how many stars, who made the first flag? etc. They really like showing me how smart they are!

Click HERE to download the matching.

Here is a post I did last year. It was a big HIT! It is very easy, low prep and great for a sub.

Click HERE for this activity.

The easiest one of all is 'PASS the FLAG'.
Image result for US flag stick
Buy a small flag on a stick. Pick a song to practice. Start passing the flag as you are singing. Have the pianist stop suddenly. Whomever is holding the flag tells something they love about our country or a freedom they enjoy.

I LOVE the song 'My Flag'. It's a great one to teach or just sing on the Sunday before Independence Day.

Here is the flip chart I use to help everyone remember the words.
Click HERE for the flip chart.

Camille has some cute ideas over on her blog for the 4th of July. She does poppers or glow sticks.
Click HERE to go to her blog. also has some cute ideas. You can check those out HERE

Whatever you choose to do GOOD LUCK and Happy 4th of July!

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