Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Could I Hold the Baby

I hate to bring up Christmas with Halloween just barely over but being a chorister you have to constantly be thinking ahead.

I've received permission from the Bishop to teach and sing a beautiful song by Rachel M. Goates called "Could I Hold the Baby". We will be singing it on Christmas Day in Sacrament meeting.

You can find the sheet music and recordings HERE. I've heard it is on but I couldn't find it.
There is also an excellent YouTube video, one with words or without.

I also have made a flip chart for it. I know some people don't use or like flip chart but I do. I've had several teachers thank me for using them and if it encourages someone to sing with me I'm all over it. Of course I don't use them all the time, just when we are learning a new song or singing one we haven't sung in a long time. I find the kids learn the words much fast than adults.

Click HERE to download the flip chart.

I'm excited to start this Sunday. I am teaching the first verse and chorus to my JR. I'll start with the chorus. First, we are going to talk about questions and what we would ask Mary. Then I'll sing the chorus or show the video or have them listen to the recording.Then talk about the questions in the song. Same process with SR. For the second verse I am dividing it and I'll have my oldest class of girls sing one part and my oldest class of boys sing the other. I have some really great singers in both. Then everyone will join in on the chorus.

Happy Singing!!!

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  1. Hi. Just wanted to thank you for this flipchart. I have used a few of yours, and I always appreciate your choice in pictures. The less cartoon-like, the better for me. Thanks so very much for the time you take...and for sharing. Marie