Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pathway to Christmas

I want to have a Christ-centered singing time this Sunday for our Primary before Christmas. I discovered that my littlest grandkids (3-5 years) were pretty good at telling me the Christmas story. So I decided to let the kids help tell the story by asking some key questions, singing some Christmas songs, and move along a pathway as we do it.
It's a great way to involve the kiddos in telling the Christmas story and giving them a few extra facts along the way. The older kids can even use their scriptures to find some of the answers.
Here is my plan:
And a picture of what it will kind-of look like only with a little longer path.
You can make a pathway with the red and green cards I've provided or go the easier way and just cut colored paper (construction paper or Christmas scrapbook paper). You can even print (2 pages per page) on a different setting so you get smaller cards and save ink. I've even done a path game before where I've laid the cards on the floor and had a child stand on them (they were a full sheet of paper). Anything works.

I made kind-of a script in order of the Christmas story with songs. But feel free to change, omit, or add whatever works for you and your Primary. I made easy questions for JR and harder ones for SR. Some questions they will need to find the answers in the scriptures. I hope the kids will realize how much they know about the story already and feel pretty smart and special. I also hope it will help bring the spirit  of Christmas to Primary.

Click HERE to download my plan and cards.

Happy Singing and ENJOY!

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