Monday, October 16, 2017

Teach Me About The Temple 2

The more I read about this song the more I LOVE it!!
I found an article in the Meridian Magazine that Sister Christofferson wrote about the inspiration to write this song. You can read it HERE

Here is my lesson plan for teaching this beautiful song.
The picture above is only the first page.
Click HERE to download the whole plan including pictures.

We are also doing a block building activity to practice it several times. The directions are in the lesson plan. But basically, we will build a tower with large Lego blocks as we sing. When we see great singers they will be given a block. They will reverently come forward and add their block to the tower. We'll keep singing until the tower is built or falls down. For Senior, I'll use Jenga blocks instead of Legos.
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I have another post about this song. There is also a flip chart on that post. 
If you'd like to read or download the chart click HERE

I hope this is helpful.

Happy Singing!

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