Thursday, February 25, 2016

Motivation to Sing

I'm really hitting the songs for Easter hard this Sunday. So I thought a little motivation might help. 
I'm doing Sing-a-Scripture.
 This one is for Sr. It's the whole scripture.
This one is for Jr. Simplified with just part of the scripture.

Each time they sing well, a child is chosen to pick a card from the bag. At the end of singing time, we will unscramble the scripture. If the Sr. need help they can sing for the reference then we'll all look it up in our scriptures to solve. Then we'll talk about how their singing is pleasing to the Lord. I might even throw in some tootsie rolls in the bag for an added surprise.

I've shared this idea before on this blog HERE.
But this time I've included the scripture cards I'm using.

Click HERE for the directions.

Click HERE for the scripture cards for D&C 25:12.

Happy Singing! 

I Will Be Valiant

I LOVE the song: 'I Will Be Valiant'. It's a suggested song this week to go along with the sharing time lesson. I don't think my kiddos know it and I don't have time to teach it this week. So I made a flip chart to get us through it and hope I can teach it later in the year. 
There are some cute ideas floating around on the LDS Primary Choristers Facebook Group. One is with cute actions like a super hero. 
You could also get 4 super hero capes and put the flip chart posters on them. Then have the kids turn around when it's their turn to show the words.
Whatever makes it fun and memorable for the kids.

Click HERE to download the flip chart.

Happy Singing!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Easter songs

I had a mini panic attack when I realized Easter is the end of March. Then I had a major panic attack when I realized I only have 3 more Sundays to practice our songs to sing in Sacrament meeting. (In Utah county, we will miss one Sunday for the Provo City Center Temple dedication). I've calmed down considerably now that I know what songs we're doing and I've got everything prepared. We are doing 'Hosanna' CS page 66 and 'Jesus Has Risen' CS page 70. Both songs are short, repetitive, and very easy.

I'm going to teach the descant for 'Hosanna' to my oldest girl class. It's really easy and I've got great singer in there. They LOVE doing harmony and descants. I'll go into there class the last 5 minutes and work on it. They have very helpful teachers that can help them too.

Then we are going to use the handbells on 'Jesus Has Risen'. The introduction goes really well with the bells to sound like chimes.
Here's the chart I made:
It does go higher than the normal set of 8 handbells to a high D and there is an A# (Bb).

I also made a flip chart to teach everyone the words.
I LOVE to share!!!

Click HERE to download the words for the chart.

Click HERE to download the bell symbols.

Click HERE to download the flip chart.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Primary Song Matching

Need a sub?
This is a GREAT activity to make and have on hand for that Sunday morning when you wake up and are too sick to go to Primary. It's great for a sub or just fun for a review.
I picked some of my Primary's favorite songs and made a matching game with scriptures.
It's a fun idea for the Nursery too but I'd minus the scriptures.
Very EASY and simple to prepare!

Click HERE to download the file.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Family Stick Puppets

One thing my new little Sunbeams like to do is hold things while we sing. And one of their favorite songs is 'A Happy Family'. I had some cute family stick puppets HERE, but not enough for all my Sunbeams. So I made a few more to add to my collection.
These are also great for story telling in FHE or Primary lessons.

Click HERE to download More Family Stick Puppets.


More Flip Charts

Here are some more flip charts as promised
 to go along with the Primary Love Songs activity HERE.
 Click HERE to download 'Love One Another'.
 Click HERE to download 'Reverence is Love'.
Click HERE to download 'The Family Is of God'.

Happy LOVE singing!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Primary Love Song

I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day.
I know the kiddos will already be hyper so I don't want to add to it by doing something crazy. But I want something cute and fun also something they could learn from. I've read several blogs about LOVE songs so that's what I've decided to do. I also wanted something LOW PREP and SIMPLE.
There are 2 different ideas here. A very simple matching game for Jr. 
 For Sr. there are 2 variation- Name that Love song, or clue. I've also included a list of over 15 Primary songs that contain the word LOVE.
Just print the heart cards, laminate if desired, choose your songs and you are ready to go!

I've also added a scripture reference to each song so the kiddos can use their scriptures. And I added a blank heart in case you want to pick different songs.

To motivate them to sing well, I'm also going to have my trusty heart stickers and do Musical Measles. You can read about this activity HERE.

I'll be adding some flip chart for some of the LOVE songs, so watch for other posts to come this week.

Click HERE to download my Primary Love Song file.

Happy Valentine's DAY!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

I Lived in Heaven

My opening song for this month is 'I Lived in Heaven'. I LOVE this song but I don't think my kids know it. So we'll work on the 1st verse with the Jr all month and all the verses with the Sr.
Here is my flip chart I'll be using.
Click HERE to download the flip chart.

Happy Singing!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Will Follow God's Plan

I finally have my plan to teach this month's song 'I Will Follow God's Plan'. It's nothing extraordinary or unique. I found lots of ideas and just put together what will work for me. I really want to focus on the words and message of the song. 
I'm going to start by showing them a gift and telling them that inside is a precious gift that all the money in the world can't buy but we each have one. When we open it, there is a card inside that says, 'My LIFE'. We'll then talk about what that means. Next I'll place several picture/word cards around the room. As I sing the song, I'll touch the heads of children to go get a card and put on the board in order of the song. I'm only doing the chorus with my Jr. kids the first week and my Sr. kiddos know this song pretty well. So I have an activity we will play with the cards, kind of like 'What's Missing'.
I also made a flip chart using most of the same pictures for a review later in the year.

Click HERE to download my lesson plan.

Click HERE to download the gift tag.

Click HERE to download the picture/word cards.

Click HERE to download the flip chart.

Hopefully, some of this will work for you.
Happy Singing!