Thursday, October 12, 2017

Teach Me About the Temple

I live in Lehi, Utah and 21 years ago this month the Mount Timpanogos Temple was dedicated. It was a monumental event in our family's lives. I was a young mother with 4 children and we were all involved with the Open House and Dedication. 
My husband did ushering and parking. I took a shift playing the organ in a tent while visitors filed through displays explaining the temple. My daughter and I got to usher in the celestial room and my Primary kids got to sing on risers as the visitors entered the temple grounds. 
I was the Primary President at the time and they asked the Primaries in different wards to prepare several songs and come for about 15-20 minutes and sing outside the temple for the open house.
The whole building of a new temple was an exciting, memorable, and sacred experience for our family.
For the new temple a new Primary song appeared in a special Commemorative Edition of the local newspaper. 
It was by Sister Lynne Perry Christofferson. She had written it for the Lehi North Stake Conference the fall before the dedication to help the children prepare for the temple open house and dedication. We taught it to our Primary children and it quickly became their favorite for many, many years.
I am elated to see it finally in 'The Friend' this month!! There is even a Sing-Along video!

Click HERE for the link.

I've made a flip chart for those of us that like to use them.
Click HERE to download flip chart.

I am so EXCITED to teach this beautiful song again!

Check out my lesson plan to teach this song HERE.

Now that a new temple has been announced in Saratoga Springs, Utah, I'm grateful my grandchildren will get to experience the special spirit that comes with an open house and dedication.
 THANK YOU Sister Christofferson for composing such a wonderful song for the children!


  1. Thank you for the background information on this loveliest of songs. Our son was married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple - it is breathtakingly beautiful. I've always loved this song since I heard it many years ago. It truly brings the spirit near.

  2. Thank you for the lovely visuals to a touching song. They go with with the incredible Sing-Along Video the Church must put on the website.

    Does anyone know how to make an mp3 of this song to include on our 2018 Primary Songs CD?