Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Singing Time

This week I am going to teach my SENIOR Primary 'Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus'.
I thought it went so well with the theme of 'The Scriptures Teach Me about the Savior's Birth.'
Here is my plan.
You can download my lesson plan HERE.

This is where I got the idea. Thanks to this fabulous book!

For JUNIOR we are still working on 'Could I Hold the Baby' for our Sacrament meeting number. So I thought I'd bring my Fisher Price Nativity set.
Image result for fisher price nativity
I'll hand out pieces to the kids and as we sing the song, I'll touch the heads of those with pieces one at a time. They will bring their pieces up and recreate the Nativity. We'll do it several times so everyone has a turn. I'll start with the oldest class so the Sunbeams with understand what we are doing. I will also have my new little Nursery-Sunbeams-to-be in there so they can have a turn too.

I also want them to learn or review 'Once within a Lowly Stable'. So I'm doing it for the opening song for the whole month. Here is a flip chart for it.

Click HERE to download the flip chart.

Happy Christmas Singing!!


  1. I Love your flip charts, but I can't find Once With A Lowly Stable. The "Here" link is not pulling up the song.
    Thank you for your WONDERFUL sharing.