Monday, November 13, 2017

Scatter and Gather

We are busy with Christmas songs. We've been ask to sing at the ward Christmas party, which is only 2 weeks away. Plus we are practicing to sing in Sacrament meeting just before Christmas. But I still want to do something with being thankful and showing gratitude. 
An idea hit me this morning how I can do both.
Back when I taught 'I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus' I found an idea called 'Scatter and Gather'. You can read that post HERE.

I'm going to use that same idea as we practice our Christmas songs only with turkey cards and the gatherers will have to tell us what they are thankful for.
This is a GREAT activity that is kind-of like hot and cold so you can sing the songs over and over in a fun way.
I've made a download with various cards so you can scatter and gather throughout the year.

Click HERE to download.

Happy Gathering!!

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