Friday, March 25, 2016

To Think About Jesus

Next month's theme is: Jesus Christ Is My Savior and Redeemer. I love the song "To Think About Jesus" on page 71 in the CS. It has a beautiful message. My kiddos don't know it so I'm going to use it for my opening song all month. Hopefully, by the end of the month they will know it or at least be familiar with it. I'm even going to use it this week on EASTER for my opening song.

Here is the flipchart I made.

Click HERE to download the flipchart.

Happy Singing!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Easter is coming up and I want to do something special for Primary singing.
So here's what I have planned.  I found a great lesson in the Gospel's Principle book. I edited it and divided it into 9 narration cards with pictures. Then I chose 9 songs to go with each pictures. 

I have a couple different options for you to choose from depending on your technology savvy.
You can place them around the room and tell the kids you are going on a journey to learn about the life of Jesus.
This is a sample of what the narration cards look like.
Click HERE & HERE to download the lesson plan and narration cards.

Option #2: A Little tech savvy!
Instead of just singing each song, you can download the songs from the YouTube channel and play and sing-along with them. But you will need a computer and projector.
Here is an example:
Option #3: This is for the really daring tech savvy person! 
I put together a slideshow with all the pictures, scriptures, narration cards and sing-along videos.
You will need a projector and computer to show it. Also, good internet connection at the church for the videos. (That makes me nervous because ours isn't always that good). I'm going to download all the videos to my computer for a back-up just in case.

It will take at least 20 minutes. The videos alone are about 19 minutes but some of them have additional verses that you might want to cut to save time.

Click HERE for the slideshow.
I made it in google slides. After you have the slideshow, if you go to file then click 'make a copy' you can edit it. You can change songs and do whatever.

Whichever one you choose, I hope your children feel the love of Our Savior as you sing and learn about Him at this Easter time.

Happy Easter Singing!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Latter-Day Presidents

Here are some ideas for teaching the song- 'Latter-Day Prophets'. There is also an information packet with LOTS of kid-friendly information about the Presidents of the Church along with name and picture cards.
Here is my plan: I'll divide them into groups or 5-6 and give them the name cards. I'll give them a couple of minutes to put them in order. Then I'll start singing the song. Our Primary room has all the pictures of the Presidents in order but no names so I don't think it will be much help. After we've got the name cards in order and get acquainted with their faces, we'll sing the song several times. Then I'll have someone pick a picture card. Then I'll tell them some fun facts about that President like their favorite food or a quote. Then we'll sing a song to go along with some of the facts. This can be done weekly until all the Presidents have been done.

Click HERE to get the name and picture cards along with the fact sheets.

I also made a flip chart for later in the year to use for a review.
Click HERE to download the flip chart.

Happy Singing!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stand For The Right

I've been a little unsure how to approach this song for the month because most of my kiddos know it well. But it has an important message that I want to make sure they get. So I finally have my plan thanks to these two awesome books.
This one is out of print but you could probably find it on Amazon from a third party seller for cheap.
These books have great ideas for each song in the Children's Songbook.
They are a must-have for any Primary Chorister!!

Anyhow, here is my plan.
Click HERE to download a copy of the lesson plan.

I've made a flip chart with only keywords and pictures.
Click HERE to download the flip chart.

I'm also sharing a file I use all the time for teaching any age group or organization, lesson or music. My question cards: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
I'll put up whatever applies- Who, What, Where, or When. Then I'll sing the song or tell the story or read the scripture and ask the kids or grown-ups to find the answers. They are great to get a discussion going.

Click HERE to download the question cards.

Happy Singing!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Singer's Silly Bag

I always like to have some kind of motivation for the kids to work toward as we are singing. It doesn't need to be anything more just positive praise or a cheer. Anything to get them to sing more and not be bored. If you're looking for different ideas, check out my labels on the right, under motivation. 
Here's another one I'm adding.
Find a cute gift bag and fill it with crazy things. When the kiddos sing well, let them choose something from the bag either for them or for their teacher to wear.

I ran to the Dollar Store this morning and found some cute things to add to my bag. I'm always on the look out for cheap silly things to add to my collection.

To keep them interested in my bag, sometimes I will only have silly glasses in it. Or funny headbands. They LOVE the boas. And crazy hats are always a hit. Sometimes it will be a mixture.

Kids will try to sing their best just to pick a silly item.

Click HERE to download the directions and label.

Happy Super Singers!


This month's theme for March is "Heavenly Father Speaks to Us Through His Prophets." So for my opening song we'll be singing the 2nd verse of 'If I Listen With My Heart'. For the closing, my Jr. will do different verses of 'Follow the Prophet' and I'm going to do 'We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet' with my Sr. I'm also the Sacrament meeting chorister so I LOVE to work the hymns into Primary anytime I can.
I made a flip chart for the 1st verse so it's quick and ready. If I decide to do the other verses, I'll pull out the hymnals.

Click HERE to download the flip chart for the hymn.

I made a flip chart for all the verses to 'Follow the Prophet.'
Click HERE to download the flip chart for Follow the Prophet.

 I also made some 11x17 poster chart with all the verses to 'Follow the Prophet'. I like to use this one best. If I'm using the song for singing time, I give a verse to each class. Then have the pianist play the verse over and over as each class gathers around their chart and practices singing their verse. After about 4-5 times we stop and have each class come forward and sing their verse for the group. This even works in Jr. and it gets the teachers involved.
I created the charts to be printed on 11x17 inch paper so they will be good quality when enlarged. Just take the file on a jump drive to your copy center and ask them to print them on that sized paper. You'll want to laminate for durability.

Of course, I won't be doing it this way for an opening or closing song. I'll just hold up one of the verses and we'll all sing it.

Click HERE to download the charts.

I also will be using these this month to review prophets (they are previous posts):
 Click HERE to read.
Click HERE to read.

Happy Singing!