Friday, January 13, 2017

When I Hear the Prophet's Voice

While trying to decide what song to choose for April's choice, I came across this beautiful song. 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice' by Matthew Neeley. It's from The Friend (Sept 2009) and you can find it HERE. There is even a video of children sing HERE.

As I pondered what to choose for April, I noticed in the outline guide that the song choice should be from the Children's Songbook. So I knew I couldn't use 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice'. But the words to the song kept coming to my mind and I knew I had to use this song somehow.

Then I looked at the theme's and March is all about living prophets. The song for the month is 'Stand For the Right', which my kiddos know forwards and backwards. But I don't like to eliminated any of the songs that are in the program. And then it hit me. I'll do them both as a medley.

Soooo I put the two songs together and will be teaching it in March.
We start with 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice'. I wrote a key modulation that connects to 'Stand For the Right' and then we go back to the last line from the first song to end.

I made a flip chart for those that use them.
Click HERE to download flip chart for 'When I Hear the Prophet's Voice'

I also have a flip chart for 'Stand For the Right' key words only in a previous post. HERE

If you'd like my medley of both songs, click HERE.

And if you're wondering what I chose for April--- we are going with 'I Feel My Savior's Love'.
Happy Singing!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

As a Child of God

I'm excited to start teaching this song. I've searched LOTS of sites trying to decide how best to teach it. And let me just say there are some awesome ideas out there.
Here are a few that I have found:
Sharla Dance's blog Teaching Primary Music

Plus lots of ideas on the LDS Chorister Facebook page.
And the LDS Choristers blog has a great flip chart.

(just click on the title and you will be linked over to the site)

And if you want to teach ASL here is a great YouTube video. She simplifies and explains each sign.
I'm still deciding which song to do ASL with this year.

I love when so many share their ideas and talents. It makes this calling much easier.

I decided to go with Sharla Dance's melody maps. LOVE this idea. I haven't tried a melody map with my kiddos yet so I thought I'd take the plunge. She has a file you can copy and enlarge at a copy center but I decided to make my own. (Since it was snowing and I didn't want to venture out in the cold).
I also want to make sure the kids know the meaning of this beautiful song. I like to ask questions and see if they know the answers. Here are the questions I'm asking with scripture references for my SR kiddos. It's my little contribution.

If you'd like a copy of my questions click HERE.

Happy Singing!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Songs

I've seen many variations of doing a Top Ten Favorite Primary song list. 
So here is my version.
Last week I had each class fill out a slip of paper telling me what their 3 favorite Primary songs were. (I've also done the wadded up paper snowballs with the song written on them). I compiled the data and this Sunday we will sing the results. 
There are a couple of ways you can do this.
It's super easy to prepare and easy enough for a sub.

Click HERE to download the directions above.

In case you're wondering, our #1 song is 'A Child's Prayer' with 'I Am a Child of God' as #2.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I'm a planner and love it. I like to make spreadsheets, tables, and documents. But when it came to planning my Primary singing time, I wasn't sure what would be the most helpful. I read a lot of blogs and tried a bunch of different things and finally came up with what works for me. I thought I'd share just in case you're still trying to figure it out. Here's what works for me BUT it may not be what works best for you. 
This is a snapshot of last years plan. I have a page for each month. At the beginning of the year, I put what the theme of each month is along with the weekly themes (purple) and any suggested songs from the sharing time lesson.

I do both JR and SR. Sometimes I'll use the same activity and sometimes I do totally different things. I try to use the opening and closing song for the whole month. I like to pick songs that go with the theme. Then we get to sing them several times in the month which makes for a great review.
I also sing the same birthday and welcome song for the month. If it's a new one, we might do it for two months until I think they are comfortable with it. (blue & green)

I DON'T fill out the entire year at the beginning of the year. I do one month at a time and even then sometimes I change a week or two. This leaves room for inspiration or new ideas I get in the middle of the week.

Here is a glimpse of the blank first 2 months of next year.
The planning sheets comes in very handy when I need to know when I played 'Sing Pete Sing' or played 'Hot & Cold'. I can go back to previous months and see what I did. That way I can make sure I'm not doing the same things too often.

The last week of the month, I'll start filling things in as I plan my month. It's in a Microsoft Word document so I just type right in it and SAVE each time I close. 

For my pianist and myself, I print something like this to hand her each week. This lets her know what I'm planning and we can be a team. She's ready with the next song and there is no down time while we wait for her to find the next song. I fold it in half so just JR is showing. I have two different pianist, one for JR and one for SR. Then flip it over for the SR one.
It makes planning each week easy. I just go in and change the singing time songs because the Opening, birthday, etc. stay the same.
Here is an example of the blank weekly planning sheet.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful to some of you. 

If you would like to try my planning sheets just click HERE for the blank planning templates.
Just download them and you can edit and type right in them and make them your own.

Happy Planning!

Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Year Rotation

Many of you choristers know this but some don't. I didn't until I was called 2 years ago, but the Primary themes rotate every 5 years. So the sharing time lessons and the songs we sang in 2012 are the same lessons and songs we are learning this year in 2017.

Many of you may be planning your year and deciding on what your song choice will be for April. I like to choose songs that are not as familiar to the kids. There are some beautiful songs in the Children's Songbook that we don't have time to teach. 

So I put together an outline of the songs in the 5 year rotation. This lets me know what songs have been taught before (the ones my SR probably already know) and what's coming up so I won't choose a song that we'll be doing in the years to come. It also helps me know what songs I could use for opening and closing that are familiar to my kids.
Click HERE to download the outline.

I hope this helps some of you as you pick your songs for next year's program.

Happy Singing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pathway to Christmas

I want to have a Christ-centered singing time this Sunday for our Primary before Christmas. I discovered that my littlest grandkids (3-5 years) were pretty good at telling me the Christmas story. So I decided to let the kids help tell the story by asking some key questions, singing some Christmas songs, and move along a pathway as we do it.
It's a great way to involve the kiddos in telling the Christmas story and giving them a few extra facts along the way. The older kids can even use their scriptures to find some of the answers.
Here is my plan:
And a picture of what it will kind-of look like only with a little longer path.
You can make a pathway with the red and green cards I've provided or go the easier way and just cut colored paper (construction paper or Christmas scrapbook paper). You can even print (2 pages per page) on a different setting so you get smaller cards and save ink. I've even done a path game before where I've laid the cards on the floor and had a child stand on them (they were a full sheet of paper). Anything works.

I made kind-of a script in order of the Christmas story with songs. But feel free to change, omit, or add whatever works for you and your Primary. I made easy questions for JR and harder ones for SR. Some questions they will need to find the answers in the scriptures. I hope the kids will realize how much they know about the story already and feel pretty smart and special. I also hope it will help bring the spirit  of Christmas to Primary.

Click HERE to download my plan and cards.

Happy Singing and ENJOY!