Thursday, December 21, 2017

With Heavy Heart

I knew this day would come but that doesn't make it any easier.
After 3 wonderful years, I've been RELEASED from the BEST calling in the church!
It's going to be hard adjusting to my Sundays without my sweet kiddos. I hope I'll be back soon but I just wanted to leave you with a little gift before I go off to other adventures.

When I first got this calling I started compiling a file of all the ideas I have used in Primary. It's my GO-TO file. It's a collection of great ideas I've found on Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, or ones I've dreamed up myself. They are all tried and tested with my little ones. I've tried to give credit where they came from but some I didn't write down and can't find it again. I'm so sorry if your idea is here and I didn't give you credit but THANK YOU!

Here is a sample of 3 out of the 32 pages in the file.
Click HERE to download the file.

THANKS to everyone for reading my blog and to everyone for your inspiring ideas!!
We CANNOT do this calling alone.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Nativity Pictures

I found the cutest Nativity clip art HERE
I just knew I had to use it for my Jr. Primary kids.
I'm still deciding whether to make them into stick puppets or headbands.
Click HERE to download the nativity pictures for the activities.

Happy Singing!

Monday, December 4, 2017

A Hodgepodge of Things

This post has a random bit of several things.
First, I know everyone is looking forward to next years theme and thinking about what songs to choose. Here is a document I created that helps me see what's been used or coming up.
For those that don't know, the Primary Program themes are rotated every 5 years. 
I like to choose songs that AREN'T in the rotation. That way I get to teach some new songs that aren't repeated.

Click HERE to download the chart.

Also, for this month's theme "Jesus Christ Is the Son of God", I choose 
'Tell Me the Stories of Jesus' and 'Jesus Once Was a Little Child' for my opening and closing songs. Here are some flip charts for them.

Click HERE to download Jesus Once Was a Little Child

I only did the first verse of this one.

Click HERE to download Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.

If you're looking for some Christmas Singing Time ideas, here are some I've used and will be using again.

Check out the post HERE with the downloads.

I love bringing my Fisher Price Nativity and let the kids recreate it. You can read that post HERE.

One of mine and the kids most favorite is ''Tree-eacher'.
We decorate a teacher as a Christmas Tree.
You can read that post HERE.

What a wonderful time of year to be the Primary Chorister with such beautiful music to sing!
I sure LOVE my calling! I hope you do too.
Happy Singing!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Scatter and Gather

We are busy with Christmas songs. We've been ask to sing at the ward Christmas party, which is only 2 weeks away. Plus we are practicing to sing in Sacrament meeting just before Christmas. But I still want to do something with being thankful and showing gratitude. 
An idea hit me this morning how I can do both.
Back when I taught 'I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus' I found an idea called 'Scatter and Gather'. You can read that post HERE.

I'm going to use that same idea as we practice our Christmas songs only with turkey cards and the gatherers will have to tell us what they are thankful for.
This is a GREAT activity that is kind-of like hot and cold so you can sing the songs over and over in a fun way.
I've made a download with various cards so you can scatter and gather throughout the year.

Click HERE to download.

Happy Gathering!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

When He Comes Again

Now that Halloween is over it's time to start thinking about Christmas and what we'll be singing in Sacrament Meeting. There are some very beautiful songs out there. We did one last year called 'Could I Hold the Baby' by Rachel M. Goates. It was an all time favorite. You can read about it HERE and HERE.  
This year however, We have decided to go with a song from the Children's Songbook. We are doing 'When He Comes Again'. Now some may not think this is a Christmas song but it has a very wonderful message that we think applies. 

Here is my lesson plan:
Click HERE to download lesson plan.

I have made PICTURE cards for my JUNIOR kiddos.
Click HERE to download pictures. 

I have made a flip chart for teachers and SENIOR Primary.
Click HERE to download the flip chart.

And I wanted a little fuller accompaniment with some variations in it so I wrote a fairly easy one for my pianist.
Click HERE to download accompaniment.

That just about does it. I start to teach it this week. Wish me luck!

Happy Singing!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Teach Me About The Temple 2

The more I read about this song the more I LOVE it!!
I found an article in the Meridian Magazine that Sister Christofferson wrote about the inspiration to write this song. You can read it HERE

Here is my lesson plan for teaching this beautiful song.
The picture above is only the first page.
Click HERE to download the whole plan including pictures.

We are also doing a block building activity to practice it several times. The directions are in the lesson plan. But basically, we will build a tower with large Lego blocks as we sing. When we see great singers they will be given a block. They will reverently come forward and add their block to the tower. We'll keep singing until the tower is built or falls down. For Senior, I'll use Jenga blocks instead of Legos.
Product DetailsProduct Details
I have another post about this song. There is also a flip chart on that post. 
If you'd like to read or download the chart click HERE

I hope this is helpful.

Happy Singing!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Teach Me About the Temple

I live in Lehi, Utah and 21 years ago this month the Mount Timpanogos Temple was dedicated. It was a monumental event in our family's lives. I was a young mother with 4 children and we were all involved with the Open House and Dedication. 
My husband did ushering and parking. I took a shift playing the organ in a tent while visitors filed through displays explaining the temple. My daughter and I got to usher in the celestial room and my Primary kids got to sing on risers as the visitors entered the temple grounds. 
I was the Primary President at the time and they asked the Primaries in different wards to prepare several songs and come for about 15-20 minutes and sing outside the temple for the open house.
The whole building of a new temple was an exciting, memorable, and sacred experience for our family.
For the new temple a new Primary song appeared in a special Commemorative Edition of the local newspaper. 
It was by Sister Lynne Perry Christofferson. She had written it for the Lehi North Stake Conference the fall before the dedication to help the children prepare for the temple open house and dedication. We taught it to our Primary children and it quickly became their favorite for many, many years.
I am elated to see it finally in 'The Friend' this month!! There is even a Sing-Along video!

Click HERE for the link.

I've made a flip chart for those of us that like to use them.
Click HERE to download flip chart.

I am so EXCITED to teach this beautiful song again!

Check out my lesson plan to teach this song HERE.

Now that a new temple has been announced in Saratoga Springs, Utah, I'm grateful my grandchildren will get to experience the special spirit that comes with an open house and dedication.
 THANK YOU Sister Christofferson for composing such a wonderful song for the children!