Saturday, October 31, 2015

Flip Charts

Good ole Flip charts.
What would I do without them? Probably sing a solo with the wrong words.
 Some people love them and others don't even use them. But I do, but not all the time. I have my limits.
I place my flip charts in a binder in plastic sheet protectors. I know some like to flip them over the music stand. But I just hold the binder and flip away. Each week I change and update the flip charts I will need for the following Sunday. Sometimes it's just one or none. I like to use the same opening and closing song for the month. That way they get a chance to sing it several times. I'll start the month off with a flip chart and by week 3 & 4 we won't need it.

Here's how I use them.
1. ONCE-IN-AWHILE SONGS: I'm getting older and sometimes have a hard time remembering all the words to the songs. I even get the verses mixed up. I hardly ever use my songbook. So a flip chart comes in handy. I use them for songs we  haven't sung in awhile. I know my teachers appreciate the words because they are like me and mix up the words. Sometimes if I don't have a flip chart for those 'once-in-awhile song', I'm the only one singing. So I use them for the teachers, myself, and my kiddos that can read. It's generally the opening or closing song or a special one requested by the Presidency for Sharing time.

2. TEACHING A NEW SONG: Sometimes when I'm teaching a new song, I will use a flip chart. However, I won't put it in the binder. I'll place the cards on the board as we learn each phrase. Then take them down as we memorize it.

I also have guidelines (my own OCD thing) as to what makes a GOOD flip chart.

1. The print needs to be BIG and DARK. Preferably black ink. Sometimes I will put a special word in a different color to emphasize it but be careful that only a few important words are different. Otherwise, the chart gets to hard to read. And stay with the same color. Don't make it too colorful either.

2. The font needs to be easy to read- nothing fancy. Some kids can't read cursive so my flip charts are never in cursive. 

3. There needs to be just the right amount of words on a page- not too few and not too many. I hate to be turning the pages every 2-3 words. And I hate to have so many words on the chart that I lose my place. This is hard when you're creating a flip chart- getting the right amount. I like to do a phrase or sentence per page but sometimes they are too long or too short. Just do what feels natural.

4. I like a picture that goes with the words. Some kids are visual learners and when they see the picture they will remember the phrase. It also helps my Jr. Primary who are mostly non-readers. They see the pictures and the teachers and readers have the words. I try to use pictures from the church's website They have a ton and it's easy to search and find what you need.

Well, there you have it- flip charts 101 by me.
 Disclaimer: However you use or don't use flip charts is up to you. You need to do what fits your style of being the chorister. I'm only sharing what works for me.

If you are into flip charts, I will have some posted on here from time to time. I want to make them easy to find. In the sidebar at the right of a post under LABELS, look for SONG:  then the name of the song after it. If there is an FC after the name, you will know that there is a flip chart to download.

Here's one to get you started.
Click HERE for a flip chart for 'The Chapel Doors'

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