Friday, October 30, 2015

Thankful Pictures

There is a great Facebook group for LDS Choristers. There are tons of ideas on there. I have posted on there before. So if you've seen my stuff on there then this will be a repeat. I'm going to post one here. It's my Thankful pictures. With Thanksgiving coming up these could be used for lots of things.
One way I use them is in the Nursery with the song: Family Prayer. I pick several pictures that the kids can relate to and put the pictures face down in the middle of our circle. We hold hands and walk in a circle as we sing. Then we kneel down. Next I pick 3-4 children to take turns picking a picture card. They turn it over and talk about why we are thankful for it. You could also do this with the Jr. Primary, just pick 6-7 children at a time to come up to the circle.

Another way is with the Sr. Primary but it could work with Jr. too. I pick several of the pictures and pick a Primary song to go with it. Then have a child pick a picture and play a form of 'Name That Tune' to try and guess the song. Then sing it and talk about why we are thankful for it.

If you'd like to download the pictures click HERE.
I've also included some of the songs I chose to go with some of the pictures.
Enjoy and happy singing!

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