Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chorister Toolbag

If you're a newbie to being a chorister, you'll want to take some time to get your 'Chorister's Toolbag' put together. It's kind of like your GO-TO-BAG that you always have with you. It comes in handy on those Sundays when things aren't running as smoothly as you'd like. Kids get bored easily and you need something you can grab quickly to 'jazz' it up.

Here's what I always have in my bag ready for when I need some extra help.

Here's my list.
If you'd like to make a toolbag, I'm sharing some of my signs.
Click HERE for a download.

I hope this helps you stay ahead of the game in your Primary!
I'd love to here from you and what you have in your bag.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I carry a selection of tape, markers, dry erase markers, as well. This, for sure, isnt the lightest calling in the church, when you consider your prep and bag,until you consider the light that comes to you as you study and prepare and then sing with those children!!