Saturday, October 31, 2015

Family Stick Puppets

What Primary child doesn't know the song: 'A Happy Family'? It's taught at home as well as in Nursery. I remember singing it as a lullaby when my kids were little.
Here is a really cute set of stick puppets. There are LOTS of uses for them. I use them in Jr. Primary and Nursery when we sing A Happy Family. I have also used them with other songs about the family. I've even used them when telling a story in a lesson.
If you'd like the file, just click HERE for a download.

I have another post with MORE family stick puppets HERE.


  1. You are so awesome for sharing your resources with us. It's very much appreciated and I know the kids will love them.
    Jacinda. Auckland, New Zealand

  2. Oooh I love these. Perfect for Nursery! Thanks for doing these :)

  3. Loved your ideas. I wonder if you have it in black and white so my students can color them. Thankyou

  4. thank you!!! Perfect for what I was looking for :)