Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Primary Pose

"Let me see your 'Primary Pose'."
That's what I say when I want my Primary kids to give me their attention and be reverent.
The very first time I do Primary, when I'm new to the calling, I explain the Primary Pose.
I hold up my camera and I ask the kids what they would do if I wanted to take their picture. Well, they all start striking different silly poses. 
Image result for camera clip art
Then I tell them that in Primary there is a special pose too. It's called the 'Primary Pose' and this is what it looks like. Then I strike the pose: 
arms folded 
mouth closed and smiling
quiet feet 
eyes on the speaker 
I get them to all try it. From then on, when ever I say, "let me see your Primary Pose," that is what I get. 
My kiddos LOVE to show me the pose!!

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