Friday, October 30, 2015

3 Wiggle Songs

Another one of my all-time favorite callings is NURSERY!
I absolutely love spending time with the 'wee-little-ones'. They just can't help but make you smile!
And of course, the music portion of Nursery, I LOVE!
So along the way in this blog, you'll find helps for Nursery music too because I know many choristers go into Nursery and do the music.

One of my favorite song activities is singing: Rain Is Falling All Around.
I bring in a small spray bottle filled with water. Before we start to sing, I spray a few times above the kiddos heads and we talk about what rain feels like and how important it is in our lives. We also discuss who gives us the rain. Then I give every child 4-5 raindrops. As we sing the song, we gently drop our raindrops on the ground. And believe it or not their favorite part is running around picking up the raindrops. Then we do it all again.

Because they loved it so much, I made snowflakes and colored leaves to sing at other times of the year.
 With the snowflakes we sing: Falling Snow. And for the leaves we sing: It's Autumntime. 
All the songs are in the Children's Songbook.

If you'd like a copy of my leaves, raindrops, and snowflakes you can click HERE.

Happy Singing!

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