Monday, June 27, 2016

Echo Microphones

How do you know when it's been a 'successful' singing time?
Sometimes that's hard to judge but I feel it's been successful when 3 things happen.
1. Most or all of the kids are singing.
2. The kids are engaged, learning, and eager to participate.
3. We feel the spirit.
This calling is such a hard balancing act. You have to have fun, sometimes silly activities to keep their attention but still be able to invite the spirit and teach the gospel.
This last Sunday, I had a 'SUCCESSFUL' singing time!
Over on the LDS Choristers Facebook page, Becca Rogers posted about using Echo Microphones.

So I went to and bought a package of 12 for $12.99. (sometimes they are even cheaper)
Becca had suggested some ideas how to use them which got me thinking of other ways they could be used. I'm sure you could come up with other ways too.
Click HERE to download the above handout.

Of course, JR loved them but I have some rowdy boys in my SR Primary and I was a little worried how it would go over. So before we started I 'set up the rules'. And they LOVED it. I have never had my kiddos sing so well. We sang several songs over and over so everyone got more than one turn.

Everyone was singing. They were ALL engaged learning the songs and eager to participate. And the spirit was very strong. We all had goose bumps!

I've got to say, it's the best $12.99 I've spent in a long time!
Thanks Becca for a GREAT idea!

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