Monday, June 13, 2016

Father's Day Singing Activities

Next Sunday is Father's Day!!! 
I put together some fun ways to sing for Mother's Day so here are some for Father's Day along the same order- very simple and low prep. Take your pick and use what works best for you and your Primary.

1. Father's Day Tool Box- Fun Ways to Sing

Click HERE to download the toolbox file.

2. Pass the Hat- Pass a ball cap or men's hat up and down the rows as the children sing a Primary song. Have the pianist stop at different times. Whomever is holding the hat gets to say something they love about their dad.

3. If You Really Love Your Dad...
This is the Father's Day version of 'If You're Happy and You Know It'. I did one for Mother's Day. Four of the picture cards are the same so if you've printed them before you might not need to print all of them again.

Click HERE to download the picture cards.

4. Father's Day Picture Match
Assign a song to each matching picture and sing when they are matched.

Click HERE to download the matching cards.

5. Cut the Tie- This is an all time favorite. Find an old tie that can be cut up. Select a male person to wear the tie (father, child, Bishop, missionaries, grandpa, etc). Sing Primary songs. Each time they sing well, snip a little bit off of the tie. Continue until the tie is almost all cut off. 
**Make sure kids know they DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME.

Happy Father's Day!

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