Monday, December 21, 2015

Snowball Singing!

My kiddos in Primary have been practicing hard to sing their Christmas songs in Sacrament meeting. They did a FANTASTIC job on Sunday! So for the last Sunday of the year, I thought we'd just relax and have a little fun singing some of our favorite songs.
I will be doing this fun 'Snowball Singing' activity.
I printed several cute snowmen with songs on the back. I'll place them on the front board. Then I've printed fun ways to sing the songs on white copy paper. Then I wadded them up into a ball to represent a 'snowball' and placed them in a bucket. I'll choose a child to come up and pick a paper snowball to throw at a snowman. Which ever one they hit, is the song we will sing. Then we will un-wad the snowball to see how we will sing it.
Super easy, fast prep, and fun!
If you'd like a copy, you can click HERE.

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