Monday, December 28, 2015

Books in the Book of Mormon

To go along with this year's theme of "I Know the Scriptures Are True", I'm going to be teaching my kiddos the songs to the books in the Old & New Testament and Book of Mormon.
I'm starting with the Book of Mormon. Whenever I have a few minutes, I'll whip this visual out and have a go at it.
Click HERE if you'd like to download the picture cards.

There are 2 ways I'm going to use them- one for Junior and the other for Senior. I've included these directions in the download.

VERSION 1: I'll place all the cards on the board mixed up. Then ask if anyone can tell me which book is first in the Book of Mormon. Or can anyone come put the books of the Book of Mormon in order. If someone thinks they can I'll let them try.

VERSION 2: I'll set my printer to print the cards so that there are 2 pages per page (4 cards per page). I'll make 4-5 sets. I'll give each class or group a set of picture cards mixed up. I will give them 1 minute to put them in order WITHOUT using a Book of Mormon.

To check either version, I'll have the kids pull out their scriptures and help me put them in the right order. Then we'll sing the song several times and take down a few picture cards each time.

I'll be making a visual for the Old & New Testament soon. So watch for it!

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