Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Primary Song of the Month

 I didn't make a CD with all the program songs.
I'm trying something different this year. I have found videos for all the songs and instead of making a DVD that may get lost or never looked at, I'm putting a link in the ward news letter each month for the Primary song of the month. 
It looks like this:
I found the videos on YouTube and Hopefully, parents will click on the link and show it to their kids. Each month, I'll give the link to the next song of the month. Then the month before the program when we are practicing like crazy, I'll send an email to all the parents with the links to each song and ask them to review the songs with their kiddos.
I'm also introducing all the song on the first Sunday of the year with my scrambled phrases and the videos.
We will see how it goes. It will be easier than making all those CD or DVD. I'll try anything that will help the kids learn the songs.


  1. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent. I want the children to learn what the song means and not just sing. Your site has given me inspiration. Thank you!!

    1. I agree. That's why music is so important in the church. Glad I could help.