Thursday, February 25, 2016

Motivation to Sing

I'm really hitting the songs for Easter hard this Sunday. So I thought a little motivation might help. 
I'm doing Sing-a-Scripture.
 This one is for Sr. It's the whole scripture.
This one is for Jr. Simplified with just part of the scripture.

Each time they sing well, a child is chosen to pick a card from the bag. At the end of singing time, we will unscramble the scripture. If the Sr. need help they can sing for the reference then we'll all look it up in our scriptures to solve. Then we'll talk about how their singing is pleasing to the Lord. I might even throw in some tootsie rolls in the bag for an added surprise.

I've shared this idea before on this blog HERE.
But this time I've included the scripture cards I'm using.

Click HERE for the directions.

Click HERE for the scripture cards for D&C 25:12.

Happy Singing! 

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