Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Easter songs

I had a mini panic attack when I realized Easter is the end of March. Then I had a major panic attack when I realized I only have 3 more Sundays to practice our songs to sing in Sacrament meeting. (In Utah county, we will miss one Sunday for the Provo City Center Temple dedication). I've calmed down considerably now that I know what songs we're doing and I've got everything prepared. We are doing 'Hosanna' CS page 66 and 'Jesus Has Risen' CS page 70. Both songs are short, repetitive, and very easy.

I'm going to teach the descant for 'Hosanna' to my oldest girl class. It's really easy and I've got great singer in there. They LOVE doing harmony and descants. I'll go into there class the last 5 minutes and work on it. They have very helpful teachers that can help them too.

Then we are going to use the handbells on 'Jesus Has Risen'. The introduction goes really well with the bells to sound like chimes.
Here's the chart I made:
It does go higher than the normal set of 8 handbells to a high D and there is an A# (Bb).

I also made a flip chart to teach everyone the words.
I LOVE to share!!!

Click HERE to download the words for the chart.

Click HERE to download the bell symbols.

Click HERE to download the flip chart.


  1. Were you able to do all of the notes (high D and A#) with the set of 13 handbells you have?

  2. I'm not seeing the descant you described for the song "Jesus Has Risen". Did you use a different version?

    1. The descant is for 'Hosanna' not 'Jesus Has Risen'. Sorry if that was confusing.

  3. Thanks for the great bell chart!