Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Year Rotation

Many of you choristers know this but some don't. I didn't until I was called 2 years ago, but the Primary themes rotate every 5 years. So the sharing time lessons and the songs we sang in 2012 are the same lessons and songs we are learning this year in 2017.

Many of you may be planning your year and deciding on what your song choice will be for April. I like to choose songs that are not as familiar to the kids. There are some beautiful songs in the Children's Songbook that we don't have time to teach. 

So I put together an outline of the songs in the 5 year rotation. This lets me know what songs have been taught before (the ones my SR probably already know) and what's coming up so I won't choose a song that we'll be doing in the years to come. It also helps me know what songs I could use for opening and closing that are familiar to my kids.
Click HERE to download the outline.

I hope this helps some of you as you pick your songs for next year's program.

Happy Singing!

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