Tuesday, March 1, 2016


This month's theme for March is "Heavenly Father Speaks to Us Through His Prophets." So for my opening song we'll be singing the 2nd verse of 'If I Listen With My Heart'. For the closing, my Jr. will do different verses of 'Follow the Prophet' and I'm going to do 'We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet' with my Sr. I'm also the Sacrament meeting chorister so I LOVE to work the hymns into Primary anytime I can.
I made a flip chart for the 1st verse so it's quick and ready. If I decide to do the other verses, I'll pull out the hymnals.

Click HERE to download the flip chart for the hymn.

I made a flip chart for all the verses to 'Follow the Prophet.'
Click HERE to download the flip chart for Follow the Prophet.

 I also made some 11x17 poster chart with all the verses to 'Follow the Prophet'. I like to use this one best. If I'm using the song for singing time, I give a verse to each class. Then have the pianist play the verse over and over as each class gathers around their chart and practices singing their verse. After about 4-5 times we stop and have each class come forward and sing their verse for the group. This even works in Jr. and it gets the teachers involved.
I created the charts to be printed on 11x17 inch paper so they will be good quality when enlarged. Just take the file on a jump drive to your copy center and ask them to print them on that sized paper. You'll want to laminate for durability.

Of course, I won't be doing it this way for an opening or closing song. I'll just hold up one of the verses and we'll all sing it.

Click HERE to download the charts.

I also will be using these this month to review prophets (they are previous posts):
 Click HERE to read.
Click HERE to read.

Happy Singing!

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