Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Singer's Silly Bag

I always like to have some kind of motivation for the kids to work toward as we are singing. It doesn't need to be anything more just positive praise or a cheer. Anything to get them to sing more and not be bored. If you're looking for different ideas, check out my labels on the right, under motivation. 
Here's another one I'm adding.
Find a cute gift bag and fill it with crazy things. When the kiddos sing well, let them choose something from the bag either for them or for their teacher to wear.

I ran to the Dollar Store this morning and found some cute things to add to my bag. I'm always on the look out for cheap silly things to add to my collection.

To keep them interested in my bag, sometimes I will only have silly glasses in it. Or funny headbands. They LOVE the boas. And crazy hats are always a hit. Sometimes it will be a mixture.

Kids will try to sing their best just to pick a silly item.

Click HERE to download the directions and label.

Happy Super Singers!

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