Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snowman Bowling

I found a fun little activity floating around on Pinterest and the LDS Chorister's Facebook group from a few years ago that I'm trying on Sunday. I need to spice things up a bit and I think this will do the trick.
You make a snowman out of toilet paper rolls. I used 13 rolls but you can use however many you want. I covered mine with plastic wrap so I can re-use the TP and the buttons and face tape on easier to it. Decorate with a hat, scarf, and gloves etc. (Mine is missing the gloves). You will also need a pretty heavy ball like a soccer or volleyball. When building him you need a bigger base of 2-3 rolls so he doesn't fall down too easily.

There are a couple of variation how you could use this for singing time:
1- As the kids are singing, build the snowman. Then have a reverent, good singer roll a ball and try to knock the snowman over. Each time you sing, have a different child roll the ball. This will give several children a turn. It also helps if you have a teacher be the builder so you can concentrate on the singing. Sr Primary could probably take turns building.

2- Pick a song to work on. Each time the kids sing the song well, add a piece or two to the snowman. When he is all built, pick someone to knock him down. Then you can start over on another song.

I made a copy of my face and buttons if you'd like to download it.
Click HERE

Happy Bowling!

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  1. I did this activity and the kids loved it. I just built a single stack snowman. Thanks for the cute snowman features. Next time, I will build it faster and have more times knocking it over as that was their favorite part. I just wish I had started out the activity by singing the line from Frozen, "Do you want to build a snowman?" ha ha..