Thursday, January 28, 2016


I found a great idea over on the Primary Singing Ideas blog from a few years back. Which she found on (another great site for ideas).  It helps with learning the keywords in the song. You can check out her post HERE along with many of her other great ideas.

Basically, you make some cute keys, write some of the keywords to the song or verse. Next, have a child choose a key but don't let him/her look at the word, show everyone else (for Jr. you'll have to have him/her go out of the room while you tell everyone the word). Then sing the song BUT when you get to the keyword- DON'T sing it. The child tries to figure out which keyword you left out. In Jr. I'd just sing the word LOUDER. They don't always understand the concept.

Very simple and easy prep after you have your keys made. Here to help with that are my keys.
I just printed the amount I wanted on card stock, cut apart, and laminated. I'm putting them in a cute bag and I'm ready to go. 
I'm using them to practice all 3 verses of 'If I Listen With My Heart.'

Click HERE to download the keys.

Happy Singing!

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