Thursday, January 14, 2016

LDS Sing Along App

I found the BEST LDS Sing Along App.
I'm a visual learner and this has helped me so much to learn the Primary songs.
It has a video for ALL the Hymns, Children's Songbook, and Additional Children's Songs like 'If I Listen With My Heart'. If you're really tech savvy, you could hook this up to a TV or projector and use it in Primary.

It has a bouncing ball that hovers over each word as you sing it. The pictures are great and go along well with each song. It also has a feature that you can have the music only without the singing. It has a playlist option so that you can create your own playlist. I have one with all this year's program songs. I also have one with all the Articles of Faith. They've been hard for me to learn with the strange melodies. But this has REALLY helped.

There is a free version that has just a sampling of some of the songs. I'd recommend trying that first. And then if you LOVE it you can buy the whole thing for $9.99. It's been the BEST $9.99 I've ever spent.

I put my iPad on the counter while I'm doing my hair and make-up and listen and watch the videos. I've been amazed how fast I'm learning the songs.

I let me grandkids use it. And they love singing the Primary songs. I wish all my Primary kids had this app. It would make my job a whole lot easier.

To find it, just go to the app store on your phone or tablet. Search for LDS Sing Along and it should come up.

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  1. You might want to try the new LDS Animated app too. It doesn't have as many songs yet, but the videos are SO CUTE! Our primary kids love it!