Monday, November 2, 2015

Transposing on

The theme for the month of November is :When We Serve Others, We Serve God.
So for my opening song, we will be singing: 'A Happy Helper' on page 197A. 
This is a new song to me and I think it's perfect for the monthly theme.

It's a little high, so I went to the church's website (, went to Serve and Teach, Other Callings, Music Callings, Church Music Website, Music Player, where you can listen to the songs. You can also change the key lower or higher. Be careful not to make it too hard for the pianist with lots of sharps or flats. It's in F major now so I hit the 'key' button at the top of the page and went down to D major with 2 sharps. Then I printed a copy for my pianist.  

I also made a flip chart to help us learn it.
Click HERE if you'd like a copy.

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