Friday, September 9, 2016

Name That Program Song

This Sunday I get the whole time to practice our program songs. 
I want to make it simple, low prep but hit the songs hard.
I'm not big on visuals for the program. (I don't use any) So I want the kids to know which song they will be singing and what the first line is without holding up a sign. So I thought we'd play a little game.
All you need is a bell and a few balloons.

So here is what I have planned.

1. Divide the Primary into 2 teams.
2. Have a person from each team come to the small table up front where the bell will be. Place hands flat on the table.
3. Have the pianist play the introduction to one of the program songs. (My kids get about a 4 measure introduction to stand and get ready to sing)
4. First person to hit the bell guesses what the name of the song is. If correct, their team scores a point. If wrong, the other person gets to guess. If neither person gets it, ask a member of the team to name it.
5. (For the SR and oldest JR classes) Both players place hands on table again. Ask who can repeat the first line of the song.
6. First person to hit the bell with the right answer wins a point for their team.
7. Have all the Primary sing the song.
8. As they are singing, have a teacher or presidency member, blow up a balloon for each team. The louder and lovelier the team sings the bigger the balloon gets. (I found this idea over on the LDS Choristers Facebook page. Thanks to whoever came up with this. An easy, great idea!)
9. When the song is over, the adults hold the balloons up, say "GO". The adults let go of the balloons. The balloon that hits the floor last wins a point for their team.
*Repeat the whole process for the next song unless the song needs more work then sing it again & again blowing up the balloons each time.

Happy Singing, Ringing, and Blowing


  1. This sounds awesome! I'm going to do it! Thankyou!!

  2. It's the any way I can pin this idea? I love it.