Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rhythm Sticks

Several months ago I discovered Sharla Dance. She has an AMAZING website about teaching Primary Music. You can check it out by clicking HERE. I'd love to some day go to one of her workshops. Sharla has made several YouTube videos showing her lessons. Just search 'Sharla Dance' on YouTube to find them. Here's one using the rhythm sticks.
She is very knowledgeable on brain research and uses what she knows to teach the Primary songs. She likes to keep the kiddos busy with movement or thinking activities while she sings the songs over and over. The concept is- the children learn the songs through the backdoor. They are busy with the activity but still hear the song and it becomes ingrained in their brain

She does lots of activities like: paper plates, sway and freeze, melody maps, matching, puzzles, wind wands, egg shakers, cup pop, bells, scarves, and rhythm sticks just to name a few.

I haven't tried all her ideas yet but the ones I have tried I LOVE and so do my kids!!

Sunday I'm using egg shakers with my Jr. to review Praise to the Man and rhythm sticks with my Sr. I'm always looking for ways to make this calling easier. So I made some large charts that you can print to make the rhythm pattern charts for the rhythm sticks fast and easy.

The rhythm sticks can be kind-of expensive but there are other things you can use.
Some choristers use pencils. I found some 3/8 inch diameter dowels on that work well for me.

Click on the picture for a link to wooden dowels.

Click HERE to download the rhythm charts.
If you have rhythm sticks I hope these chart can help you when you make your charts.
Happy tapping and singing!


  1. I'd love to hear what your plans on for the egg shakers in Jr!

    1. For the egg shakers in the Jr. we held the egg in one hand and went shake, shake, clap. We repeated that over and over for the verse. Then for the chorus we held the egg still in one hand and went pat, pat, pat, pat, back and forth with both hands patting our legs. Then we shook the egg for 'TYRANTS' and rolled our arms for 'VAIN'. Then starting patting again until the last word where we shook the egg. Very simple but very FUN!