Monday, April 18, 2016


One of the purposes of the Primary Chorister calling is to teach the gospel through music. Sometimes I find myself trying to talk and explain the messages of the songs TOO MUCH!! I think many times the songs teach the message much better than I do and I need to just sing more and let the spirit talk.
A great idea I learned from my daughter Tricia several years ago is the 'SO WHAT' concept and I've been using it in Primary and it works great! Here's the concept:
After a lesson, conference talk, scripture reading, hard experience, etc, ask yourself- 'SO WHAT'. Don't say it like a spunky, sassy teenager but say it like a son or daughter of God- "SO WHAT..." Then fill in the blank with what is appropriate like-
"So what... did I learn?"
"So what... is HE trying to teach me?"
"So what...does this mean to me?"
"So what...will I do differently?"

Sometimes it may even turn into deeper reflections like-
So Why? So How? So When? So Where? or So Who?

So how do I use this in Primary? After I've taught a new song or sang an old favorite, I'll simply ask one or two children to answer- "So What... does this song teach YOU?" It's a great simple, easy, fast way for the kids to reflect on the message of the song. It also helps THEM to verbalize the lessons they have learned.

My daughter learned this concept from a gospel doctrine teacher in her ward. She can't remember his name now after all these years but whomever you are THANKS for sharing. This has helped me so many times in my life. I use it when I write in my journal, study scriptures, have a bad or good experience, listen to conference, or hear a talk or lesson in church. 
And now I use it with my Primary kids.

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  1. As a Seminary teacher, I learned to use "Therefore, what?" It is the same concept, however, I like it a bit better than "So, what?" because it doesn't have the "sassy" aspect.